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Matt  Mulhare is an 18 year old who has played the guitar since he was six.  He started singing prior to learning the guitar, singing songs by Kenny  Chesney, Brad Paisley.  Ed Sheeran, Eric Church, and Pearl Jam are among  some other artists that have made his love for music more prominent.  

One of our weekly gigs at the Red Lion on Bleecker Street in NYC.

 Matt  has just recently started to sing in front of people.  He started  August of 2017 where he had a backyard concert and since then has been  singing to larger crowds throughout the tri-state area and sings weekly  at The Red Lion on Bleecker Street in NYC. 

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 He  continues to draw  inspiration from modern pop, 90's rock, and all eras  of country music.  He is heading to Belmont University in Nashville  this fall to continue his education and to pursue a career in the music  business. 



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